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Agency Fees & External Charges


We pride ourselves on offering an affordable, value for money comprehensive service based on trust, compassion and communication. Our hands-on personal approach also looks to save you money wherever possible which is why we don’t go anywhere without our toolkit in the back of the car!

We also want to make you aware of all the non-avoidable legal requirements that come with a cost attached. Some of these are one off charges, others are annual.


We charge a flat fee of 11% (plus VAT) of the monthly rental income received. To find out exactly what you get for this fee CLICK HERE for further information on our Full Management Service.

And because we believe we haven’t done our job until we have successfully found and vetted a reliable tenant, we do not charge our landlords anything upfront until the first month’s rent has been received.


We charge a minimal advertising fee of £50 (plus VAT) per changeover of tenant. We currently advertise all our rental properties on S1Homes as well as our own website and of course, one of our ‘To Let’ boards will be placed outside the property.


You will only incur charges from us directly if you make any changes to your account or agreement with us.

Charges relating to repairs and maintenance will be passed before you (over a certain and agreed amount) and you will of course be liable to pay for any emergency call outs and works to the property that cannot be foreseen.

When we say we are hands-on we mean it. We don’t go anywhere without our toolkit in the back of our car because if we can save our landlords money by fixing something ourselves…we will. We don’t believe in our landlords having to pay for unnecessary call out charges for simple fixes and we are experienced enough to know the difference! When it isn’t an easy fix, we have a bank of reliable and experienced trade suppliers we can call on to get the issue sorted as soon as possible. We are also highly experienced in project managing small to large scale refurbishments.


Inventories to cover the condition of the property and the contents in it while it is being rented out are recommended. These can help support any claim made against a tenant’s deposit. It is now a legal requirement that all tenant deposits are held with a government supported agency. Our agency of choice is Letting Protection Scotland (

We provide an inventory service at a charge of £100.

This will only be a required cost at the first let, unless there are any major changes or damage to the property in the future. Future updates will be free of charge with only a nominal fee (currently just £10) for updating the photographs.

You have the option to arrange for an external inventory to be carried out. We just ask that if you go down this route, your inventory must be supported by digital photographs and we will require a copy prior to a commencement of tenancy.



If you haven’t already done so, as a landlord you are legally required to register with the Fife Council. This comes with a nominal fee of £55 per landlord (so a couple would be £110) and then a further £11 per rental property owned. Please note that there is a 10% discount applied if you register online.

CLICK HERE to register as a landlord today! (


You are required to have an annual gas safety certificate for all your rental properties. This normally costs in the region of between £70-£100.

We are happy to arrange this on your behalf or you can arrange your own.


By law, as a landlord you are also required to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for each rental property you own. Rental properties cannot be marketed until there is an EPC in place.

We are happy to arrange this on your behalf ensuring that the relevant documentation is printed and displayed within the property for a charge of £100 (incl VAT) or you can arrange this yourself and send us an electronic copy.


An Electrical Inspection Condition Report should be conducted every five years. PAT testing is required annually. The cost is dependent on size and age of the property.