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Home Reports


It is coming up for ten years (since 2008) that all sellers in Scotland have been legally required to obtain a Home Report in order to put a property on the market. 

But what exactly is a Home Report and what is it for?

Simply put a Home Report is made up of three parts: A Single Survey; an Energy Report; and a Property Questionnaire (completed by the seller). It aims to give the seller along with potential buyers, a breakdown and detailed condition report along with the market value of the property (Home Report Value). Home Reports by law are to be carried out by a chartered surveyor who is a member of the RICS (Royal Institute of Charted Surveyors).

Once your Home Report has been put together and finalised it is then made available to potential and interested buyers looking for more intrinsic information about a property for sale.

The breakdown is as follows:

The cost of the Report is on the most part based on the value of the property. Please be aware that as a seller you are still required to commission a report even if you plan to sell the property yourself or without the service of an estate agent.

You may organise this yourself but Homes in Focus will be happy to take this burden away and arrange it for you.